Mustard Lamb Chops with Kale Mash



This classic dish is perfect for family meal time. The kale adds a healthy element and is a great way to trick fussy eaters into getting their 5-a-day.

You Will Need:

Accessories: No accessory then the enamel shelf in the upper position

Dish: shallow oven proof dish




Place the potatoes in a shallow micro-safe dish with 150 ml of water, cover and cook on the boiled potato auto weight programme. Drain, add a knob of butter and 3 tbsp of milk and mash until smooth.


Put the kale and baby leeks into a shallow micro-safe dish. Add 30 ml of water and cover. Cook on the auto weight fresh vegetable programme. Drain and stir through the mash with the grated cheese.


Place the lamb chops on the enamel shelf in the upper position and cook on GRILL 1 for 15-20 mins. Half way through the cooking time turn the chops and spread thinly with the mustard and sprinkle with the sugar and return to the oven for the remaining cooking time.


Reheat the kale mash on high microwave for 3-4 mins and serve.


Mustard Lamb Chops with Kale Mash

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Adjust Servings:
800g Potatoes Peeled and chopped into small pieces
3 tbsp Butter
A knob Milk
Curly Kale Sliced
100g Baby Leeks Sliced
40g Mature Cheddar Cheese Grated
4 Lamb Loin Chops
2tbsp Wholegrain Mustard
1tbsp Demerara Sugar

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