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Christmas with your Panasonic Appliances

Panasonic Microwave Recipes

Apricot & Walnut Stuffing

Serve up some homemade stuffing with your Christmas dinner this year and add all your favourite ingredients! Do you like extra cranberries in yours or apricots? Either way you can cook up this delicious stuffing in your Panasonic microwave using the combination setting.


Bitter Orange Marmalade

Using the Panasonic microwave you can create your very own marmalade that can either be enjoyed on toast Christmas morning, or served in gifting jars to give to your family and friends!


Almond Topped Mince Pies

Bake Santa’s favourite mince pie recipe this year using your Panasonic microwave and the convection function. This allows you to get the perfect bake, leaving you to debate whether they’ll be Santa approved.


Christmas Turkey

 We shout and about it every year and we’re going to do it again… but you can cook your Christmas turkey in your Panasonic Microwave! Simply by using the convection setting, you can get that crispy chicken bake using your microwave whilst you cook the rest of your dinner in your oven.


Gingerbread Tree Biscuits (Vegan option available)

Add an exciting flare to your traditional gingerbread biscuits this year by adding the to your tree! Bake easily using your Panasonic Microwave and enjoy some family-fun when cutting out and decorating. What shapes will you be using?


Honey Glazed Gammon

Cook your turkey and gammon at the same time…. surely not?  You can this year using your Panasonic Microwave as a handy helped in the kitchen! Now you can focus on getting that perfect bake on every part of your Christmas dinner.


Pigs in Blankets

Create some of your favourite crispy pigs in blankets in your Panasonic Microwave to add to your dinner or to your Boxing Day sarny. These yummy bits can easily be made in the Panasonic Microwave, where the Turbo Bake function best browns and crisps your food, giving you the perfect crispiness.


Spicy Mincemeat

Create your own tangy mincemeat this Christmas that can be added to your Boxing Day leftovers or to your mince pies! It’s easy to make just using your Panasonic Microwave.


Vegan Chocolate & Pomegranate Bark

Looking for an easy dessert or snack to enjoy this Christmas? Cook up this simple Vegan Chocolate & Pomegranate Bark in your microwave in only a few simple steps!


Vegan Nut Roast

This Vegan Nut Roast is an easy and delicious alternative to bake instead of meat or as an added extra on your Christmas Dinner! Now, by baking at home you can truly go crazy with the amount of cranberry sauce that you add!


Panasonic Breadmaker Recipes

Rich Christmas Fruit Cake

Your breadmaker can bake so much more than just a delicious loaf. You can even make a Christmas Cake, meaning that you can add all of your favourites fruits and decorate to your heart’s desire.


Dark German Style Rye Bread

This Christmas you can bake this delicious breakfast of Dark German Rye Bread, Salmon, and Scrambled Eggs! Is this your new traditional favourite? Or have you just found an easier way to serve up your usual?


Scrambled Eggs in the Breadmaker

Didn’t know that you can bake your eggs in your breadmaker? Now you can truly make the most of your breadmaker… creating your favourite eggs on toast and getting your money’s worth.


Rhubarb, Gin & Ginger Jam

That’s right! You can make all your favourite jams in your Panasonic Breadmaker using the Jam and Compote function. Now you can bake your favourites for either yourself to enjoy on toast, or to gift to your friends and family.


Bitter Orange Panettone

Get into the Christmas spirit this year by baking a homemade Panettone with your favourite flavouring. We decided to create this bitter orange delight using the Panasonic breadmaker!


Vegetarian Nut Loaf

Another alternative that can be made in your Panasonic Breadmaker using the Bake function. Add in all your favourite fruits and currants to create a tangy Nut Loaf on you Christmas dinner.


Cranberry, Orange & Port Sauce

We’ve created another compote recipe to be made in your breadmaker. This fruity and tangy sauce is the perfect condiment to add to your Christmas dinner or Boxing Day leftovers sandwich!



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