Summer Roasted Halloumi



Summer Roasted Halloumi

This summer dish of roasted halloumi is perfect for a side dish with your BBQ, or on the buffet table! The sweetness of the peppers really compliments the salty halloumi, making for a delicious one-pot meal to bring dinnertime to life. You can be sure that everyone will be wanting more!

This recipe is so quick and easy to make in our Combination Microwave.




Place the potatoes in a dish with 3 tbsps water cover and cook on MEDIUM MICROWAVE for 6-7 mins. Drain.


Place the potatoes, peppers and lemon in the baking tin and toss with the oil. Season. Bake on CONVECTION 220°C +GRILL 2 + SIMMER MICROWAVE for 15 mins turning half way.


Add the tomatoes and halloumi and cook on CONVECTION 220°C + GRILL 1 for 5- 10 mins or until the halloumi has browned and the tomatoes softened.


Scatter with Basil leaves and serve.


Summer Roasted Halloumi

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Adjust Servings:
500g New Potatoes Halved if Large
3 Bell Pepper Deseeded and Sliced
1 Lemon Quatered
125g Halloumi Thickly Sliced
125g Cherry tomatoes

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