Sourdough Pizza


  • Sour dough starter

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This delightful sourdough pizza base is a great way to make your pizza even more tasty. Simply made in the breadmaker, you can’t go wrong with this Saturday treat.




Sour dough starter

Mix the starter ingredients well in the sourdough cup, put the lid on. Remove the kneading blade, put the cup in the bread pan and select the 24 hour sour dough starter program.


Pizza Dough

1. Put the dough ingredients into the pan in the order listed above. Set the bread maker to the RUSTIC SOUR DOUGH program.
2. When the cycle is complete, remove the dough from the pan onto a floured worktop. Press out the dough with the heel of your hand to make a thick crust or two thin crust pizzas. Place the dough onto a lightly oiled enamel tray.
3. Spread with the topping of your choice.
4. Bake on CONVECTION 200°C for 12 minutes until golden brown.


Sourdough Pizza

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Sour dough starter
80g Rye Flour
1/2 tsp Salt
60g Yogurt
80ml Water
0.1g Yeast Use the starter spoon provided
Pizza dough
1 cup Sour dough starter
320g Strong White Flour
3/4 tsp Salt
120ml Water
1/2 tsp Yeast

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