Soft Milk Rolls


  • To make the starter

  • To make the dough


This delicious tear and share soft milk rolls recipe is perfect with baked Camembert. This will be a family favourite that disappears in no time! This recipe is by @SuperGolden88.




To make the starter

• Mix 25g bread flour with 125ml water in a saucepan over medium heat until the roux thickens. When the whisk leaves a trail of lines on the surface, it is ready.
• Put in a small bowl and wrap cling film over the surface of the roux to prevent a crust forming. 1 tbsp sugar
• Leave to cool.⠀


To make the dough

• Add 125ml whole milk, 1 lightly beaten egg, the starter, 60g softened butter, 350g bread flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp yeast and 1 tsp salt in your Panasonic breadmaker and select the Pizza Dough programme (45 mins).


Remove dough from pan using a plastic spatula. The dough will be a little sticky so flour your hands and the worktop. Shape into 16 small rolls.⠀


Brush some of the rolls with melted butter and dip into sesame seeds and finely chopped fresh rosemary.⠀


Place a wheel of Camembert cheese in the centre of baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Position the bread rolls around the cheese, brush them with melted butter and leave to rise for half an hour.⠀


Slash the top of the cheese and drizzle with a little olive oil and chopped rosemary.⠀


Bake at 180°C in your combi microwave oven for 25 minutes and serve warm.


Soft Milk Rolls

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To make the starter
25g Bread Flour
125ml Water
To make the dough
125ml Whole Milk
1 Egg
60g Softened Butter
350g Bread Flour
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Yeast
1 tsp Salt

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