Dry Gin Martini with Lemon Twist



We all want to be a character in a Bond film from time to time, and sipping on a Martini is (probably) about as close as we’ll get! This iconic cocktail with a citrus twist will be sure to impress dinner guests, and makes for a delicious end to a meal. The fresh lemon juice gives this Martini a bit of a kick, and makes for the most sophisticated palette cleanser.

Enjoy it on your own or with friends, but always ‘shaken, not stirred’.




Chill your glass in the freezer for up to 10 minutes.


Remove a strip of lemon rind from the lemon and place to one side. Cut the lemon into quarters and cut of the peel, then place it into the slow juicer.


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour in the gin and vermouth. Measure 5ml of the fresh lemon juice and add to the cocktail shaker.


Use a bar spoon to stir the mixture until the outside of the cocktail shaker feels cold, or you can shake it.


Remove the glass from the freezer and add the lemon rind to it. Strain the mixture from the cocktail shaker into the glass and enjoy!


Dry Gin Martini with Lemon Twist

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Adjust Servings:
50ml Dry Gin We used Tanqueray.
5ml Vermouth We used Noilly Prat.
1 Lemon
Ice cubes

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