Brunch Bake



This is the perfect bake to serve up for mum on Mother’s Day or to enjoy on a sunny Sunday morning! Also it’s so easy to bake using your Panasonic microwave.


Our recommended accessories:

  • Dish: ceramic or glass rectangular baking dish, greased.
  • Oven accessory: wire shelf in lower position.



Butter the bread with the cream cheese and cut in half diagonally.


Layer the bread slices, tomatoes, parma ham, spring onions and mushrooms in the baking dish.


Whisk the milk and eggs together and season with salt and pepper and parsley. Then pour the mixture over the bread and leave to soak in for 10 minutes.


Scatter the cheese over the top and place the dish on the wire shelf and cook on CONVECTION 250ºC and GRILL 2 and WARM MICROWAVE for 25 minutes.


Brunch Bake

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