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Why healthy cooking doesn’t need to be complicated

As it happens every January, the new year brings with it lots of refreshed intentions to be healthier. We want to set good intentions to feel our very best and feed our bodies in the most nourishing and wholesome way. With so much conflicting and misleading information online, in the papers and on social media, choosing the healthy option can be a minefield.

But cooking and eating healthily needn’t be complicated at all. It is really very simple when you know the sorts of foods to be eating and the most efficient and tasty ways to cook them. It is all about variety, eating the rainbow and focusing on a balanced, fresh and whole-foods approach.

That said, you do not need to spend a fortune on lots of expensive superfood ingredients, you can make amazing and health-packed recipes from scratch easily using fridge and cupboard staples – you just need to be creative with your thinking.

Recent festivities will no doubt bring about a multitude of items which are destined for the bin – an abundance of chocolate, leftovers from Christmas eve/day/boxing day and fruit and vegetables that will sit in the freezer draw until March. There’s no need to waste food at all – the remaining foods in your fridge and cupboards hold so much possibility and can be incorporated into recipes to add flavours, textures or to simply bulk out your five a day easily.

A lot of people say eating healthily is complicated, as it requires so much time and effort, but this just isn’t the case anymore. There are so many ways to cook one single ingredient, and microwaves like the Panasonic NN-CD87KSBPQ enable you to get creative without confusing cooking times and temperatures, weights or the need for multiple appliances to get a desired outcome.

Choose from the microwave, grill or oven functionality to turn leftover vegetables into wonderfully grilled snacks, transform store cupboard tins to a warming and hearty stew and even turn your leftover chocolate into healthier baked cakes! You can combine settings to create showstopping dishes without the need for multiple products and a ridiculous amount of washing up. What’s more, using the grill and oven functionalities are quicker than traditionally frying your foods; saving you time. For example, a delicious vegetable-packed curry topped with grilled tofu chunks can be made in the one appliance.

Plus, if feeding your family nourishing meals and being more savvy with meal prepping is your goal, the 34L capacity means you can batch cook large one-pot meals. Simply throw all the ingredients together and let the CD87 do the work for you. To reheat leftovers, simply use the genius sensor to set the ideal time and setting for your food.

So, cooking and eating a more nourishing diet does not need to be complicated, expensive or labour-intensive. The Panasonic NN-CD87KSBPQ microwave is great for combining fresh and leftover produce and turning them into something wonderful. You can balance out flavours, textures and temperatures all with a click of a button and with Veganuary upon us, it’s the perfect excuse to transform your vegetables into healthy, vibrant and delicious meals.

Nourishing Amy

Nourishing Amy

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