Make your eggs glow in the dark

Get the whole family together and make some treats that the Easter Bunny will envy with these glow-in-the-dark hen eggs and our tips for making your own tasty chocolate eggs – both using your trusty Panasonic microwave!

Take some ordinary hen eggs, egg dye and a microwave and you can make a fun Easter project for the whole family. The dye reacts with the protein in the eggs and the energy in the microwave to make one out of three glow in a super cool way. Now, these eggs will not be edible, they are just for fun decoration!


  1. Place three raw eggs gently into a bowl with egg dye. Turn the eggs over a few times to make sure they are covered with dye, and then let them soak for 5 minutes
  2. Take the eggs out of the bowl let them sit on a piece of paper towel until they dry.
  3. Place all of the eggs onto a microwave-safe plate or platter and then microwave on medium temp for 10 seconds only
  4. Carefully remove the eggs and place them on a table or any hard surface.
  5. Turn off the lights. You will see one or more eggs glowing in the dark. Interestingly, only one in three eggs will have this occur as the albumen (egg white) protein needs to be at a certain level. If it doesn’t work, try again with a new batch of eggs.


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