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Real Bread Week

The Real Bread campaign returns from 22nd February to 1st March for its 11th year this year!

Real Bread Week’s main aims are to encourage people to:

  • Buy real bread from local, independent bakeries or
  • To bake their own real bread!

This is the perfect excuse to dust off your breadmaker and enjoy freshly baked goods again! For some foodie inspiration, we’ve put together a list of our favourite loafs.

Malted Fruit Loaf

Add a little sweetness to your daily loaf to make your bread the perfect companion to a hot cup of tea.

Sourdough Bread with Honey & Sunflower Seeds

Embrace your inner Winnie The Pooh with this honey and sunflower seeds sourdough bread recipe. Will you “just taste” this loaf or will you have to eat it?

Gluten Free Mushroom & Pancetta Loaf

Bake this delicious gluten free mushroom and pancetta loaf any time of the year! This recipe is perfect on its own with some butter, casing your scrumptious lunch, or dunked into your favourite soup.

Sourdough Bread with Spicy Fruit

Add some spice into your life with this Spicy Fruit Sourdough bread! This masterpiece is so simple to make using your Panasonic Breadmaker.

Simple Sourdough Bread

Baking the perfect sourdough loaf couldn’t be easier with our SIMPLE recipe! This includes just 6 ingredients and only 4 steps!

Gluten Free Bread with Bacon & Olives

Show olive your love through a freshly baked loaf using bacon and olives as your prefect combo. This gluten free recipe is such a rare find at your local, but it’s a money saver in your home! And with our Breadmaker, baking at home has never been so easy!

Crusty Bread Rolls

These crusty bread rolls are delicious, easy to make, and perfect for dipping in soup! Follow the simple steps for these breadmaker bread rolls.

Vegan Chocolate Brioche Bread

This showstopper bread is bound to impress your dinner party guests. Light and fluffy, with a sweet swirl of chocolate. Made using the Croustina Breadmaker! Created by @myveganminimalist.

Naan Bread

Did you know that you can make delicious naan breads in our Panasonic Breadmaker? Now you don’t have to leave the house to cook a yummy curry, with all the nibbles!

Perfect Pitta Bread

This perfect pitta bread has never been simpler! These are made using the pizza dough program on our Breadmaker. Who knew our Breadmakers had so many tricks?

Gluten Free Bread with Lemon & Poppy Seeds

Need a little love in your gluten free loaf? Try out this lemon and poppy seed recipe for an extra pazazz!


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